What Are The Theories Of Marketing Theories

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There are many ways to apply these theories to any organization. There are four theories of marketing concept that are called the 4 P's: product, place, price, promotion. An example of the marketing concept is Microsoft. Microsoft Company is an international company that makes many different and good products to satisfy all customers’ needs and to full all organization’s goals. Microsoft’s marketing mix consists of product, place, price, and promotion. Products Microsoft companies offer many new products to their customers that attach them to their products and to let them more comfortable with those products. Microsoft constructs the platforms ahead which other companies manufacture digital platforms. Microsoft is a company that leads many things in the world and many people in all countries in the world use Microsoft. Some of Microsoft products are the top in the market. For example, more than 70 million people use Microsoft office (word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) in the world every month and Windows 10 is one of most used Microsoft products in the world more than 197 billion hours of usage and more than 400 million activated devices use windows 10. Dynamics 365 is another well-regarded product that allows…show more content…
They claim that the theory is capable to propose how managers can manage their employees or assistants to become self-actualized. The impression suggests the double role of the theory firstly to the organization and secondly to employees on the foundation that both the organization and the employees must agree on the routine of their organization, and that the employees have to work hard to fulfill all organizational needs, the culture and human resource exercise should also confirm that the employees’ level of requirements are reproduced in the standards the organization embraces with high
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