What Are The Things I Learned When I Come To College

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When I came to USI on move in day I couldn’t wait to get my new life started here. I was excited to meet new people and to start classes. I spent the whole weekend getting to know my roommates, trying to figure out if we had stuff in common or not. I felt like I had everything under control until the first few days of classes started. I found myself missing home and missing the people I’ve been around the last four years. I feel like myself as a person hasn’t changed much from High School, but my since of urgency has Improved and also I feel as my life hasn’t changed much from High School. I feel like college is most different from high school is how much freedom you have and how you have to be on the ball at all times to get stuff done on time and make sure you have plenty of time to fix errors in your work before turning it in.…show more content…
I think what I like most about College is meeting kinds of new people. I didn’t expect for everyone to be so palate and helpful. The one thing I like the best about USI is that The Professor’s actually care about their students and want them to succeed in their class. The number one thing I am apprehensive is not being able to understand an assignment or fail a course. My questions have pretty much been answered, besides what happens if someone just decides that college isn’t for them after they have already spent money, time and effort into
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