What Are The Three Aspects Of Stationery

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There are three aspects of stationery, viz. (1) The Quality of stationery, (2) cost of stationery, and (2) storing of stationery (receipt, storing and issue of stationery).

3.2.1 Methods of purchasing stationery : The expenditure on stationery in an office will depend upon several factors but one of them is efficient buying. Very large firms who use lot of stationery during the course of the year usually adopt any one of the following methods of purchasing stationery :
a) Buying by tenders.
b) Buying by asking quotations from the suppliers.
c) Buying from the same supplier year after year.
d) Buying from the travelling salesmen of the manufactures or suppliers.

i) Tender System: The Office Manager or the Chief Executive has to decide about the quality and the quantity of the stationery to be purchased. He has also to decide whether the supplies for the whole of the year should be purchased at a time or it
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Many losses arise due to over stocking and defective store keeping. Adequate attention is necessary towards storage of stationery and supplies. Proper storage ensures safety from leakages, spoiling, theft, pilferage, moisture etc., Ready availability of items, saving in cost, time and labour etc

Storeroom: It is advisable to know something about storeroom where the stationery is to be stocked. In the case of very large firms, there should be separate storeroom for stationery which should be neat, clean and dry so that stationery may not get spoiled on account of the dampness of the room. It should be well ventilated and lighted. It should be centrally situated and should be under lock and key. It should have shelves preferably of steel to prevent the stationery being damaged by white ants, insects, etc. the shelves should be adjustable so that they may be adjusted according to the height of different items.

Receipt of Stationery from the
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