What Are The Three Communication Processes Involved In Identity Development

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Everybody has an extraordinary personality. In spite of the fact that we may have comparative qualities and identity characteristics, each individual is their own one of a kind mix of particular attributes, occasions, societal impacts, and even hereditary material. What makes us different from our friends and family could be both mental and physical like how one could have different personalities from their friends are family, or could look physically different like race, hair color, and gender. What shaped my personality traits were my upbringing and also friends I associated myself with. My interactions with others have influenced my definition of the world by introducing myself to others and having an understanding of what people go through. The three communication processes involved in identity development are reflected appraisals, social comparison, self-fulfilling prophecy. The five reasons identity is important to communication are first because individuals bring their self-identities to each communicative encounter. Second communication interactions create and shape identities. Third Identity plays an important role in intercultural communication. Fourth, understanding identity is useful so much of the U.S life is organized around specific identities, and fifth identity is a key site in which…show more content…
Social comparison is how we evaluate how desirable those characteristics are and then see how we measure up to the group and use group as a reference. Not only do we see ourselves as possessing specific characteristics, we also evaluate how desirable those characteristics are. For example, Amish children learns from their interactions with family friends and their churches. We compare ourselves to others in our identity groups. For Example, like websites like "Hot or Not" allows someone to upload a picture of him or herself and allow it to be judged by
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