What Are The Three Major Categories Of Professional Agencies?

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1. Most professional agencies were created to help promote, protect, and maintain the health of individuals and communities. Groups hire health education specialists to plan and coordinate to keep the public educated on health related topics. The mission of professional health associations/organizations is to “promote the high standards of professional practice for their respective profession”. Their goals are to improve the health of society as a whole. The professionals do this by improving the people in the profession first. They are responsible for keeping the public up to date using journals, books, newsletters, and organizing meetings. At the meetings the members share new research and research with other professionals.
The three major categories of agencies/associations/organizations are: governmental, quasi-governmental, and non-governmental. Governmental health agencies have the authority for certain tasks that are outlined by the government. Quasi-governmental health agencies possess characterizes of both governmental health agencies and nongovernmental health agencies. These agencies get their funding from different sources (including community fund-raising, and different government bodies). Non-governmental health agencies are not managed by the government. They are mostly funded by
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There are many benefits of joining a professional association/organization, especially as a student. One of the most important benefits is the opportunity to interact with other professionals in the field. Getting a job in the future is all about who you know, and what networks you have created. With these memberships you can get a head start on creating a network of individuals, and start gaining references etc. Other benefits of joining a professional association are; learning leadership development, learning how the organization operates, keeping up to date on new health information, and having discounted registration fees for professional meetings and
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