What Are The Three Most Important Things You Learned This Fall?

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1. What are the three most important things you learned this Fall? The three most important things I learned this Fall are be familiar with the campus environment, joining the campus actives, knowing the rules about the OU plagiarism. Those three things helped me to know about the college I am studying in, and helped me to be prepared for the future studying on main campus. Finding locations on main is an important activity, I learned how to us the OU map and be familiar with the campus environments. It helped me to know where I should go when I am sick, where I can be advised for my class, and other many important locations on campus. Being a college student is not only about studying but also about making friends. Joining the campus activities was one of the most helpful thing for me, I met many American students who are friendly and happy to help me to be familiar with the American life. Plagiarism could be one of the biggest problems among the students, no matter in America or other countries. Staffs from OU Academic Integrity they told us the rules about the plagiarism in OU, there are nine things we should know about, which are really helpful for the future academic life. 2. What was the most challenging part of this semester for you? And why was this challenging? The most challenging part of this semester for me is writing the history paper and prepare for the history exam. In the past student life, I used to study the main questions or important points on
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