What Are The Three Possible Types Of Modification Problems?

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1. Explain what a modification problem is. What are the three possible types of modification problems?
Making changes can cause problems when there are alterations. Deletion, updates, and insertion are the three types of modifications.

2. Describe two problems that the Girls Cross-Country Team spreadsheet could present. Be specific using information in the spreadsheet in your description.
The full noted information about the runners, such as the runner full name, phone number, email address and grade. In addition, the parent information as well is their full name, phone number, and email.
3. Break the spreadsheet into two tables, describing what information is contained in each one.
The two tables will contain the information on both the runner and the parent of the runner. The first table will hold the information pertaining to the runner again such as first and last name, contact number, their grade and email ID. The second table refers to the parents of the runners. This table also contains first and last names, phone numbers as well as email address.
4. Describe how the two tables will solve the two problems you described in #2.
The tables include the runner’s and parent’s information, and that data connects the runner with their prospective parent.
5. What does SQL stand for? What is its purpose?
It means structured query language. The SQL will allow access and maneuvering of databases. The purpose of SQL is that it’s a standard language to be used for
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