What Are The Three Primary Roles? What Are They?

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Salespeople play three primary roles? What are they?

The three primary roles play by salespeople are creating value for their firms’ customers, managing relationships and relaying customer and market information back to their organizations.

Creating value for their firms’ customers:

We may ask in what ways salespeople create value for customers. Salespeople help buyers make more informed decisions and help their companies succeed, which, in turn, creates jobs for people and products they can use. The create value when they show genuine concern for the welfare of the customer.

Salespeople create value by understanding the needs of their customers and then create solutions to meet those needs, or they can adapt how they present the offering so
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Account managers: These are salespersons responsible for ongoing business with a customer who uses a product. Satisfying long-term customers and persuading them to reorder products are important activities for account managers. A new customer may be found by a prospector and then turned over to an account manager.

Do ethics get in the way of success in sales? Why or why not?

I will say yes, ethics get in the way of success in sales because some buyers rely on recommendations from salespeople when making buying decisions. It is the duty of the salesperson to tell the buyer any negative side effect of the product. But sometimes with the fear that making the buyer aware of the side effect may stop them from buying stops some salespeople from telling the truth in this situation. This is an ethical dilemma for salespeople.

But my experience in such situation when I was a life insurance salesman was that telling the customers of some hidden clauses in insurance contracts which a lot of salespeople do not do make the salesman trustworthy which make the clients recommend you to other friends and
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