What Are The Titanic Fun Facts

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Let me tell you some fun facts the Titanic carried 75,000 pounds of fresh meat 36,000 apples 40 tons of potatoes 1,000 loaves of bread 40,000 fresh eggs 6,000 pounds of butter and 15,000 bottles of ale. Another fun fact is on the titanic they have a 1st class a 2nd class and a 3rd class the first class tickets were 1,500-4,350 but today they were 26,741-77,549$. The second class was 65 and today it is 1,159$. And then the third class was 36 and today is was 642$.The next fun fact is is the titanic's speed was 28 mph and 24 knots. The last fun fact is there is a museum on the titanic in Branson Missouri.
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