What Are The Types Of Marketing Or Business Research? Qualitative And Quantitative Research

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The two main types of marketing or business research are qualitative and quantitative research, these research methods vary based on the information gathered and how it ends up being gathered by researchers. Qualitative research is gathered using focus groups, in-depth interviews, as well as reviews of documents searching for themes and commonalities. The method for developing theory and hypothesis is based on inductive reasoning or logic after analyzing the information collected. The problems described are done from a subjective standpoint which is talking about problems from a point of view from a specific aspect of the company, narrowed down to a problem from one department to another’s concerns. The information gathered is on less of an amount of situations but the data collected is much more in depth. Quantitative research utilized the likes of surveys, structured interviews and observations, reviews of records and documents for measurement analysis of the subject matter. Testing is done in controlled situations for previously deciphered concepts and hypotheses that help to build a specific theory. The research conducted for quantitative methods is much more objective, it’s a larger opinion and the information is concentrated on much more broad terms and information to let the reader form their own opinions based on facts presented. Qualitative research can have a better effect on helping managers or organizations make a decision about a problem if the focus of the
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