What Are The Types Of Research Philosophies?

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According to Kumar (2010), a research methodology is a is an investigation that uses laid down scientific procedures in the formulation of problems, creation of hypothesis or identification of the laid down methods of answering research questions. 3.1 Research philosophy Whenever providing a research methodology, it is important to determine the exact philosophy that will be used in the research. There are two main types of research philosophies. These are analytical or descriptive philosophies. An analytical research philosophy is a type of research where the investigator is able to critically evaluate the variables and influence them to determine his research questions. The alternative is a descriptive philosophy where the investigator has no influence over the variables. It is sometimes known as an ex post factor type of research (Saunders, Lewis, & Thornhill, 2009, p. 123). The dissertation uses the descriptive approach since there is no influence of the variables involved in the study. Another important philosophical consideration is where the dissertation will use a deductive or inductive philosophy in the answering of the research questions. Essentially, these are two opposing philosophies that need to be determined from the onset. A deductive research philosophy uses a top-down assessment of the research questions. The research questions are used to determine the data collected and prove some specific model or theory. On the other hand, the inductive research
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