What Are The Various Meaning Of Aging?

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1. What are the various meaning of aging?
A: Aging is the process of life from birth to death, and all changes in between including physical (biological) and psychological. When it comes to biological aging, “Aging is the random change in the structure and function of molecules, cells and organisms that is caused by the passage of time and by one 's interaction with environment. Aging increases the probability of death (McDonald, 2013)”. When it comes to psychology, in our community the majority 's belief is the older you get the wiser you are.
2. What is gerontological nursing and how it is apply to community nursing?
A: “Gerontologic nursing – this specialty of nursing involves assessing the health and functional status of older adults, planning and implementing healthcare and services to meet the identified needs, and evaluating the effectiveness of such care” (Meiner, 2011). Majority of elders today live in their own home. It is very beneficial to have geriatric nurse to be community nurse, because due to the educational background, these nurses can assess elderly better and are able to meet the needs of population.
3. Mention the aging statistics based on 2010 national census and target goals based on healthy people 2020
A: “The older population is an important and growing segment of the United States population.1 In fact, more people were 65 years and over in 2010 than in any previous census.2 Between 2000 and 2010, the population 65 years and over increased at a…
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