What Are The Withdrawal Symptoms?

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1. What are the withdrawal symptoms?
2. What support is available for teenagers who are addicted?
3. What strategies could Teenagers use to combat peer pressure?


The most commonly cited Gawin and Kleber undertook study into cocaine withdrawal in 1986. Using data collected from 30 cocaine-dependent outpatients, the investigators reported three distinct phases ( 'crash ', 'withdrawal ' and 'extinction ') of the withdrawal process:
• Phase one, 'the crash ', developed rapidly following abrupt cessation of heavy cocaine use and was characterised by acute dysphoria, irritability and anxiety, increased desire for sleep, exhaustion, increased appetite, decreased craving to use.
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The 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimates that about 0.7 percent of kids over the age of 12 used cocaine in the month prior to the survey and another 0.1 percent abused crack in the same time period.

Many parents have enrolled their teens into a program called Teen Challenge to help those with a teen drug addiction. This program is extremely successful and transforming the lives of Teens who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Teen Challenge is designed to help teens turn their lives around, rebuild relationships and, most of all, break the cycle of addiction and not relapse. A by-product of this life rebuilding process is a reduction in drug and alcohol crime in the community.

What strategies could teenagers use to combat peer pressure?

A very simple and probably the most basic one would be to stop hanging out with the people that do drugs and force peer pressure upon you. Teenagers should surround themselves with good people and that will help them become a better person and deal with peer pressure and will most likely shape what kind of person they’ll become in the future but not only that but even shaping the future career wise is always a possibility.

Parents can play a huge role in the difference of their child becoming a drug addict because of peer pressure or them living up to their expectations simply by guiding them in the right direction and maybe keep a closer eye out on them wont do any harm although teenagers
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