What Are The Worst Promblems In The World

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Today I'm going to tell you about the worst promblems in the world. The wort promblems in the world are bullying and being a bystander. I think both are pretty bad because if your being a bystander and watching the bully beat an inasint person. Then that's just plain out awful.

First, I'm going to tell you about bullying. Bullying is a promblem all over the nation. Everyone is bullyed. Usally when someone is a bully it's because of their parents. Maybe there parents are drug addicts and they are scared that they are going to die so they will take it out on other people. Maybe the parents/parent are in jail and they have to live with someone in their family. So you have all these different situations that makes a person a bully. But you just
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Bystanders are just people who watch the bullie beat up inasint people. So don't be a bystander. If your ever in that situation go get an adult you trust. Hopefully that adult will take care of it. But if you can't find an adult just go up to the bully and say come on I know your hiding something come with me and i'll go get an adult and you can talk to the adult about it. See it's that simple, thats all you have to do. So please don't be a bystander stand up!

Third, Now since I have told you about bullying and being a bystander you could set up a group and make a name for it and when you see bullying and people bystanding you can stop it and stand up for other people! Your group could be a group that everyone would join because nobody likes to be bullied and being a bystander. So maybe one day your group would get other people to form anti-bullying/bystanding groups. So there would be no bullying/bystanding if everyone formed a group! I think a lot of people would be interested in joining. I know I would be!

In conclusion, Please don't be a bully/bystander. You want to help other people not hurt other people. So remember what I said make an anti-bullying/bystanding group. Be the person who would change the world! Be the change you want to see in the world!
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