What Are They Key For Success?

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Justin Pauciello Period 1 May 4th, 2015 WHAT IS THEY KEY TO SUCCESS? Standing on One Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington, one is simply flabbergasted at the nearby mountainous office towers, studded with immaculate windows, hazily reflecting the sun. How did one man, Bill Gates, establish these headquarters and virtually mold this 370$ billion company from so little? Many would argue that his intrinsic genius, inherited traits, and sheer brilliance are to blame for his success; after all, he is the wealthiest man in America. However, few know of the objective factors that are highly likely to lead to one’s success, such as environment and upbringing, their work ethic, and their familial connections as well as ability to plan. In this case, Bill Gates come from an extremely well to do family, and thus attended and lived two blocks from one of the nation’s most prestigious schools, Lakeside in Seattle. Lakeside had one of the nation’s first computer clubs, and computers, even before most American universities did! Therefore, a ninth grade Bill Gates was able to do computer programming in 1968, far before any other kid and most professionals had the same opportunity. Ultimately, this plethora of extremely fortunate and lucky circumstances, coupled with his genius and work ethic, has allowed Gates to amass the fortune he holds today, and experience such an astronomical degree of success. First, one’s environment and upbringing plays a crucial role in one’s success. This is
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