What Are Three Men From Different Cultures

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Midterm Paper Katelin Gephart Bellarmine University In this image are three men from various cultures. One appears to be from the Middle East, the other from China and the final from some American country. The American is in warrior regalia and is wearing a crown of feathers. Also with him is a bow and a bowl-like cup. He is not fully dressed and is standing up. By his feet is a large cauldron type device. The Middle Easterner and the Chinese guy are sitting down and are completely clothed in robes. They, like the American guy, are holding a cup of a steaming liquid but their cups are shaped slightly different. The Middle Easterner has a small kettle beside him. The Chinese guy is wearing a long necklace of beads and has a Chinese style…show more content…
The perspective of this piece can also be seen in how they represent the cultures. Europeans tended to view the Americans as an uncivilized people and this is represented in the piece with how the American is seen standing up, wearing little clothing, and holding a bow as if he is getting ready to go hunting or go to war. On the other hand China and the Middle East, which are seen by Europeans as much older, civilized cultures are sitting down, and they look like they are ready to have a discussion. This image also features a few repeating details throughout its drawing. First off as mentioned earlier each country has their own cooking pot for their drink located somewhere near them. This is likely to represent the topic of the image, which is the similar beverages that come from these very distinct cultures. Another repeating detail is that all the men are looking at each other; America is looking at China, China at the Middle East, and Middle East at America. This suggests a type of comradery. Connections: One interesting thing I noticed in this image is that we see the three powerful cultures of the Americans (the Aztecs), China, and the Middle East gathering, but we don’t see the culture that brought them all together. China and the Middle East have more than likely interacted without European intervention but neither of them would have known of the Aztecs without Europeans intervention. This points

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