What Are We Need For Alternative Fuels?

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Today, more than ever there is a pronounced need for alternative fuels. With the rise in sea levels, warming ocean temperatures in addition to a hole in the ozone layer, Earth is suffering in so many ways, it is crying out for help; nonetheless the damage is done and as a consequence is irreversible. Energy comes in a variety of ways. From fossil fuels, to nuclear energy, to wind generated power. A majority of the population relies heavily on various types of energy for daily use. Detrimental impacts of both humans and the planet are being witnessed. Daily commutes to and from work, running errands, in addition, the occasional meetings with the best friend over coffee remain some of the ways society depends on fossil fuels. That is what is wrong with this planet. The human population has become lazy with a vast disregard for nature. This all takes its toll on mother earth. If everyone selects an alternate fuel source, the whopping blue marble may be able to notice some minor transformation. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is at the mercy of corporations and corrupt government, furthermore it is society’s job to be the change agent, individual combined with group actions to save the planet and show money hungry groups of politicians and lobbyists there is in fact being damage done and that our nation can modify the outcome. Fossil fuels were long thought to be derived from dinosaurs, however the theory is incorrect. Plants and animals that lived long ago, in little microscopic…

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