What Are We Teaching Young Girls About Life?

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What Are We Teaching Young Girls About Life?
As a woman in society I have always had a hard time dealing with my body image and the pressures to fit in. There are so many burdens within society for women to fit a certain criteria to be accepted. The media has a lot to do with the way women perceive the way they "should" look and act. Friends and family are another source from which this perfect image stems from. It's not healthy for young girls and women to be stick thin and starving themselves just to go along with societal norms and look like everyone else. Women need to learn that it's okay to have they're own look and not be "perfect" because it's impossible and they'll die trying. Instead of worrying about what we look like in the
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Friends & Family
All throughout high school girls are always worrying about what people think about them and how they look. Teenage girls think if they don't have the best clothes or skinniest bodies then their friends and popular boys won't want anything to do with them. Then, when these girls do something out of the ordinary or show their own personalities, their best friends may push them away and shun them from their activites. So, then they're forced to conform into a person they might not want to be because they feel a need to be apart of the social scene. This instance reminds me of a scene from the movie Mean Girls when one of "The Plastics" (the most popular girls in school) are sitting at their designated lunch table and realize that one of their girls is wearing her hair up which is against their "rules." So, they decide to embarrass her and make her go sit at the "unpopular table" during lunch. The next day, she showed up to school looking better than ever so she would fit the standards of her friends and be able to hang out with them again. That just makes me cringe. Especially to think that there are actually girls in high school where their group of friends have rules they must follow in order to stay in their click. This is when teachers and anyone in a
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