What Are Web Servers? Why Are They Necessary?

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1. What are web servers? Why are they necessary?
Ans: A web server is definitely an information technology that processes requests via HTTP, the standard network protocol employed to share out necessary information about the (WWW) i.e world wide web. The particular expression can refer heads to a full mainframe PC, a machine, otherwise in particular to your software that purpose is to accept and administer the HTTP requests.
A web server’s most important function is to store website files in addition to broadcast them above through the web for your guest’s visitors. In real meaning, an internet server is only a powerful computer that hoards data and transmits them online. When someone visits an online page on the site their browser communicates with the web server, sending and receiving information that ultimately dictates what appears for the visitor’s monitor. Therefore, chief principle of a web site server is always to store and transfer site data upon the request of your visitor’s browser.

2. What is Web Hosting?
Ans: Before trying for making your own web site and launch it on the Internet, you should actually know how a website works particularly. Here are the essential terms.
• The server obtains and searches a page sent through your browser.
• The browser connects on the server using an IP Address; the IP address is obtained by translating the url of your website.
• In return, the server summons up the request page.
Web pages are made in HTML, called

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