What Are Websites Appropriate Filters In Schools?

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When people think about things being censored they think about TV and Radio stations; they don't think about computers. For example when you have an educational video to look up and it happens to be on youtube that sucks because it's one of the major websites blocked. School websites are too restrictive on what can and cannot be searched. As students we will have to learn how to evaluate the accuracy of the website with all the filters we have. The filters tell us which websites we can and cannot use. According to Michael Gonchar from The New York Times “Overly restrictive filtering of educational websites reaching far beyond the requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Students, teachers, and school librarians in many schools are frustrated daily when they discover legitimate educational websites blocked by filtering software installed by their school.” I completely understand blocking things for students such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat but blocking educational sites such as Youtube for example, yes it has some inappropriate content but can't the school pay for a better program that leaves the programs that are going to benefit us but also block out the bad stuff on that website. Some of the most popular web filters bought by schools are lightspeed, web content filtering, Umbrella and many more. Filtering programs “screen an incoming Web page to determine whether some or all of it should…show more content…
As students at this point in time if you gave us a computer with everything unblocked ant told us to look something up on that computer we would not know which sites we can trust and which sites we couldn't. I would most like click on the first site of the page unless it Wikipedia I hate that site. So in conclusion less restricted sites benefit students from not knowing how to tell if a site is accurate or
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