What Are You Doing?

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Joan turned around to face him, her gaze sliding down to his crotch. “I came home and I was alone, so I sat down and started to undress because I thought I might take a rest,” he babbled, “but I never finished… Never mind.” Perceval glanced at the pillow covering his now flaccid cock. “You can see exactly what I was doing.” Her face turning bright red as she tried to stifle her laughter, Joan unwrapped Percy from the nursing shawl as she crossed the room. After she tucked him into his bassinet and planted a kiss to his cheek, Joan ambled back to the bed, hopped onto the mattress beside Perceval, and drew the bed hangings. She placed her hands against his chest and gave him a gentle shove. “Lie back.” “What are you doing?” he asked. Joan straddled him. His cock, still covered by the pillow, sprung to life once more. “I saw Mary and Alis at the midwifery cottage today, and they said we can resume our regular marital activities.” She ran her finger from his throat down his body, stopping at his bare hip, which made him shudder. “It took me a touch longer to heal than usual because of the difficult delivery, but I’m ready. And thank you for waiting so patiently. I know it must have been hard.” Hard was one way of phrasing it. “Are you sure, Joan? Because even if you’re healed, I want you to be ready and not completely exhausted so you can enjoy it.” “I am ready for you.” She pulled away the pillow and tossed it onto the floor, revealing his hardness, which grown fully erect
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