What Are You Made The Leap?

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You made the leap. You decided to either start your own business or to join the Internet world and create your own Web presence. Either way, one word comes to mind in this new venture: Budget. In a down turned economy many businesses are getting serious about their budgets. Expenses that are not must-haves or that don 't have a really good return on investment (ROI) are quickly shuffled to the back of the pile and placed on a wish list. Unfortunately, many times this includes the IT department, or the marketing firm that is building your Web presence. Let 's face it, the costs for maintenance and changes to your website quickly place an unwelcome burden on your company 's bottom line. Unless you are using the WordPress platform that is! WordPress crosses the barrier of labor intensive and costly changes, upgrades, or site implementation. WordPress is a user-friendly, non-techie platform that enables the new business owner or site developer to download and install a website and have it fully operational within a matter of hours. If you want to test drive your site first, you can do that too by creating your site through WordPress. Once you decide this is the right decision for you and you want to establish your own domain, you will need to find a service provider and register your site. Most providers offer one-click installation of WordPress into their control panel, and transferring data, images, and text from the test site to the new domain is seamless. Besides being
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