What Are Your Interests?

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One of the most common questions asked of me is, “what are your interests?” and to this, I have varying answers. I am always intrigued at different times to different phenomena. However, I have some interests that have been practically life long, for example, my drive to be a lawyer and the attraction towards laws and the different classifications. I have long been exposed to the actions of law without really realizing it until this year. I recently took a legal terminology based class and it truly exposed me to the proper language I should have been using, and laws that were applicable in disputes with companies and others. I am also fascinated by games of all kinds, for example, family friendly games such as cards, and some more mature games, such as video games specialized for a more mature audience. A more academic interest of mine is figuring out how things work. I like to investigate certain devices, such as a phone, and learn what certain pieces within the casing do. More importantly, I enjoy when I learn a concept in physics or calculus that is rather challenging to most, and applying that to a real life scenario in which I find the correct answer. I get this feeling when I get it correct that makes me strive to try it again or apply it to an applicable situation that day. This fascinates me in a weird way where I want to continue to apply it and it comes to a point where I do not even need to think about it and I have subconsciously found all of the forces
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