What Are Your Plans For Next Year?

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“What are your plans for next year?” “ Where are you applying for school?” “What do you want to do with your life?” These are the kind of daunting and overwhelming questions young people are bombarded with on a daily basis. These type of questions are not just quick one worded answers with not much meaning that a high school students can think up quickly. These kind of questions require a lot of thinking and reflecting on the student because it is regarding the rest of their life and how it is going to be spent. In today’s society it is expected for students as young as 16 to know what university they want to go to, what subject to major in, and what kind of job they want to do for the rest of their lives. The fact that a 16 year old is expected to have it figured out as to what they see themselves doing when they are 50 years old is ludicrous. Society today puts an immense amount of pressure on kids, that is crippling and hurting their overall well being. High school students today are not allowed to just be high school students. They need to be an “A+” , five advanced placement classes, a three sport captain, student council president kind of student. Teens can no longer be care free teens, with nothing to worry about. Kids are being forced to stand out from the crowd and make themselves look as good as possible.Students are trying to outshine other students because they have been told all their lives by their parents and society that average is just not good enough.
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