What Are Your Professional And Professional Objectives

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Task 2
Set and prioritize professional and personal objectives and targets to develop your own potential by producing a schedule, separately categorizing the personal and professional objectives.

Personal objectives: Personal aims are the part of every person’s life, he has some of the aims fulfilled and some of them he wants to work hard for to fulfill, those objectives can be anything positive or negative. My personal objective are to be the best in which ever hospitality industry I work, to improve myself every minute of my life to be patient, to see opportunity in every single thing I work for.
My aims are so simple it is not like I have to work for years to fulfill them. The first and the most important thing I want in my is satisfaction,
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I know soon I will fulfill all my desires all my objectives all my needs and wants if I keep going the same way I am going, My head is straight my shoulders are up I am coming buckle up. I made this line 2 years ago by myself when I entered into this world where I have to work every second of my life if I believe in working hard.
Professional objectives: Professional objective of a person are those which he wants to be professionally, it could be anything he wants to be in his professional carrier and I will explain know what my professional objectives are.
I want to be an enterpenurer as I told before I want the world’s largest chain of restaurants in the world.
I want to introduce a cousin that is not available in this world something really different something that cannot be seen or tasted ever.
I want to run a service system totally different from now day’s service.
It will be a themed restaurant on and also the style of the service will be different.
I will hire the world’s best management staff for that type of cousin and for that type of food, and I know this idea of mine will surprise the
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