What Are Your Strengths And Strengths?

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What are your talents and strengths? I think everybody has one of a kind aptitudes and gift that is also known as their talent. Just with a single talent or multiple talents is what makes everyone unique in their own way. Many people have talents that could singing or acting. Other talents like knowing how to play different instruments, a sport or even designing clothes. Individuals discover their talent all throughout their life time, because of the different opportunities that life offers us. There are certain things that many people could do that others cannot do, which is why the world is always interesting. At the age of 12, I began to draw different types of face chart in my journal, I didn’t think I was good enough to show it off…show more content…
With our strength and weakness, it could help us improve our actions, even if the actions are positive or negative. My strength as an individual is being organized, hardworking and communication. if my work and surrounding are not organized, I would not be able to have full attention on whatever it is that I am doing. When everything is organized, I know I would not be leaving out any single detail that needs to be done or addressed. Hard working is an action that will forever be my strength, it’s in fact my strongest strength. Without having one of my strength being hardworking, I would be me. Hard working to me is the definition of success, because without hard work you are not going to get the result you want without working hard for it. As Daft stated “when you live and work from your strengths, you are more motivated, competent and satisfied” (daft, 2018, pg. 42), demonstrating that with your strength you are able to focus your life around them and allow you to accomplish your goals in life. Lastly, communication is the representation of yourself, the way you communicate with other is the way others can understand who you are. There are individuals in life that limit their communication skills and keep everything to themselves, which eventually causes them to burst out. Communication is used in a daily basis and is something that is important in education and future jobs, which daft quoted and said that “good leaders want communication to flow in all directions” (daft, 2018, pg. 267), which is important to do
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