What Are Your Suggestions for Making Workers Participation More Effective in an It Industry

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What are your suggestions for making workers participation more effective in an IT industry?

Ans: The concept of employee participation and involvement has seen a growing interest from different scholars and Human resource management. Many organizations face the challenges of managing and empowering their employees to actively participate in decision making. In this current tumultuous economic environment, organizations especially IT industry require creative and innovative employees who can take initiative, embrace change, stimulate innovation and cope with high uncertainty in the market. Most of the new generation employees want to work in companies that can actively listen and embrace their ideas. To accommodate the demand of the
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Administrative participation ensures greater share of workers’ participation in discharge of managerial functions. Here, decisions already taken by the management come to employees, preferably with alternatives for administration and employees have to select the best from those for implementation. In decisive participation, highest level of participation where decisions are jointly taken on the matters relating to production and welfare.

Importance of workers participation in IT industry is very essential for the growth of the company. The workers participation is unique motivational power and a great psychological value. It increases peace and harmony between workers and management. Workers get to see how their actions would contribute to the overall growth of the company. The workers tend to view the decisions as `their own’ and are more enthusiastic in their implementation. Workers participation makes them more responsible. The employees become more willing to take initiative and come out with cost-saving suggestions and growth-oriented ideas.

The success of workers portion in management depends upon the following conditions. The attitude and outlook of the parties should be enlightened and impartial so that a free and frank exchange of thoughts and opinions could be possible. Where a right kind of attitude exists and proper atmosphere prevails the process of participation is greatly stimulated. Both parties
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