What Are Your Weekly Responsibilities? Essay

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A brand new BUILD tutor asks you what how this whole tutoring position works. What do you tell them?
Consider: As a BUILD tutor our number one job is to provide a meaningful tutor experience to the students we work with which can only be achieved if you look at your job as a member of team. A team in which everyones actions have implications on each others. This is why you not only need to conduct yourself in a professional manner but adhere and abide by all the rules. Otherwise the team will not be able to provide the tutoring experience the students deserve.

What are your weekly responsibilities?
What are your objectives?
How are you expected to conduct yourself?

You are working with a child that repeatedly stands and walks away while you’re reading a book with them. Employing recommended behavior management strategies, what might you do in this situation?

I would pull the student aside to discuss their behavior in private; hear youth’s point of view. Likely I would then say I understand reading can be frustrating but by standing up and walking away I can no longer help you and the reading won’t go away. If you would like we can talk about what parts you don’t understand.

Imagine working with a beginning/emergent reader. What are a couple of challenges that you--you, personally--might face in working with this student? How can you address them?
Now, the reader is also an ELL. Does this influence your approach to this student?

When working with an ELL

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