What Are Zits's Death?

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Michael, better known as Zits had come a long way from being handed from a different foster home to another. Before the untimely death of his beloved mother, Zits was a charming young man with lots of love in his heart. After his mother’s death, that is when Zits downward spiral began. Zits has been in twenty different foster homes and attended twenty-two different schools. One day after getting into an argument with his foster parents, Zits lands himself in jail where he met Justice. Justice brought Zits lonely life to end but only to more destruction when the boys go shoot up a bank. Zits felt the feeling of a gunshot to the head believing that he had died. After waking up and opening his eyes, he notices that he is no longer in his body and now he has transformed into someone else’s body.…show more content…
With each new people that Zits transform into, he began to understand himself and all the actions that he had faced in his past. After time travelling and being in the body of his father, Zits is back in his own body when he realizes that killing innocent people will not lead to a good path. He rushes out of the bank where is finds the one person he respects, Officer Dave and his partner in a diner. Zits begs Officer Dave to removes all of the guns from him because “No matter who tells you to do it. No matter how good or bad the reason. Maybe you’re supposed to believe that all life is sacred”. Officer Dave gave Zits a second chance on life to provide him the help he desperately needed. Zits now sits down with myself remark on his incredible accomplishments and the progress that he has made
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