What Are Zoo's Humane?

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Zoo's are a subject that has quickly become a hot topic. With the recent tragedies regarding Harambee. It has put the thought in many citizens minds, Are zoo's humane? Although zoo's have been put under the spotlight lately, due to nothing less than bad publicity. Zoo's are a main staple for many different types of cultures. There are few people who can say that they have never been to a zoo, or that when they went they did not enjoy the experience going to the zoo granted them. Going to these animal enclosure gives people the opportunity to see animals from all around the world otherwise they may have never had the chance to see. People visit zoos on a daily basis all across the world to become more familiar with how the animals interact and how they live.…show more content…
Zoos give children the ability to both learn and see the interaction between the animals and the zookeepers. Zoos across the world are open to teach people the importance of animal conservation by witnessing how the animals react. Zoos can make a huge impact on children as well as adults by providing them with beneficial information about the animals in the zoos across the world. Even though incidents happen inside zoos it doesn't give people the ability to contradict that zoos are determined to close down. When I was a kid, I used to love to go to the zoo because animals were always my favorite and I was anxious to learn more about them. When going to New Orleans I would always make my mom take me to the Audubon zoo, because I always enjoyed going and watching the interactions with the pets and the zookeepers. The last time I went to New Orleans back in November i still made my mom take me because zoos are relaxing and
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