What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Working in Teams? with Reference to Relevant Theory Show How the Disadvantages Can Be Reduced or Avoided

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“A team is a group of individuals who work together to produce products or deliver services for which they are mutually accountable.”
(Cohen & Mohrman, 1995)

Teamwork is used everyday, everywhere in business organisations. It is an important way of bringing people together, developing stronger bonds between members and quickly tackling large projects. There have been many theorists who have developed conflicting theories regarding the pros and cons of working in teams, thus the ageing problem in hand is firstly being able to identify these advantages and disadvantages, and secondly trying to find solutions to reducing or avoiding these disadvantages. The ability to do this is of paramount importance for leaders everywhere
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Allport argued that the key to resolving conflict was better interaction between members. The foundation of this argument is that interaction consolidates a feeling of group identity resulting in stronger bonds between group members and encourages friendships. In this way, if we examine Allport’s theory with reference to Guirdham’s, we could see that team members might be less likely to abuse group norms. However, one problem that could arise as a follow on from encouraging team members to become friendly with one another is the idea of groupthink, which I shall discuss shortly.

The second advantage I am going to discuss is that group members all motivate one another. In order to provide evidence for this statement it is necessary to re-examine one of the theories mentioned earlier; Group norms (Guirdham, 1995). Guirdham suggests that every team member is encouraged to adopt these four norms which encourages stronger bonds between the team members and can convert simple group members into friends. This therefore leads to an environment in which everybody gets along. However, it could be argued that there are two major consequences and disadvantages that may arise through this type of approach. I already touched upon the first one; somebody in the group may abuse the group norms and morale may be lowered. The second is the idea of groupthink (Janis, 1972). Groupthink is the idea that in an environment where people are too friendly, they do
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