What Are the Causes of Poverty in Philippine Economy?

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What are the causes of poverty in Philippine economy?


One of the major problems that continue to plaque the Philippines is poverty. Despite the said efforts of both government and business firms many Filipinos remain in need. It is not a simple problem because now days we are facing mass poverty. For all the magnificent testimonies to man’s superior skill and intellect in producing today’s level of cultural development, he still has to find the solution to mass poverty. Whether the government would admit it or not, it is very clear even with our bare eyes that we our suffering a lot from poverty .But what is poverty anyway? Let first define poverty so we can have a clear understanding with what are we going to
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It is clear now that higher number of Filipinos is experiencing lack of financial support and lack of material needs. As a result we tried to question the society how did they come up with such answer. We tried to picture out their everyday way of living, seems like we were watching a film. That was and still their opinion and perception about poverty. Letus now flip the coin, if there were causes of poverty of course there were effects of it. We tried to swim into the deepest effect of poverty to family’s, to children, to working men and women, to students, to government employees, to ordinary citizen and to those people who claim the street as their hell of paradise. Whether we like it or not, admit or not, poverty strikes in us all. Let’s first discuss the effect of the main cause, as they said it loud and clear, “CORRUPTION”.

25 % of the Annual National Budget ends up in corruption. (PS Link)Philippines is the most corrupt in Asia (PERC, 2007)
The effect of corruption on the poor can be gauged through both its direct impact, (example, increasing the cost of public services, lowering their quality and often all together restricting for peoples access to such essential services as water, health and education.) and the indirect impact (example, diverting public resources away from social sectors and the poor, and through limiting development, growth and poverty reduction), while this impacts negatively on most of the
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