What Are the Ethical Issues in Simulation?

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Ethical issues in simulation Introduction The ethical game simulation is designed to provide insight to ethical dilemmas faced in business organizations and the lessons learnt assist those in the management positions, employees and other partners to make critical decisions that if taken lightly could lead the business down the drain. The decisions reached are to be ethical in that they have to follow the standard conduct governing the organization that is morals and values and ensure increased ethical awareness ADDIN EN.CITE Schrier20109(Schrier & Gibson, 2010)996Schrier, K.Gibson, D.Ethics and Game Design: Teaching Values Through Play2010HersheyIGI Global9781615208456http://books.google.co.ke/books?id=vKFdDHDFNmoC( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_1" o "Schrier, 2010 #9" Schrier & Gibson, 2010). In the following discussion, we look at the process through which one undergoes to make decisions by weighing options and the best alternative endorsed in a repeated and experiential manner. Discussion Ethical game simulation presents some ethical issues in an innovative manner that encourages people to think far and wide through the different spheres in the society. In trying to find solutions one must understand that people look at situations differently usually brought about by the different backgrounds that we come from, identify the most natural lenses or perspective to each individual as everybody is entitled to an opinion and follow a given decision making procedure so as to arrive
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