What Are the Factors Influencing Customers Restaurant Choice?

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Food is our common ground, a universal experience.

James A. Beard

This report aims to identify what are they key aspects that influence customer‘s restaurant choice.
From a number of researchers (Auty, 1992; Namkung & Jang, 2007; Sulek & Hensley, 2004) it emerged that food quality was rated as the most influencing factor affecting consumer’s restaurant selection behaviour. Nevertheless, service quality was discovered to be a secondary aspect over decision, despite the fact that it is was recognize that it could guide consumer’s evaluation of the dining experience to a superior level. On the other hand, when poor service quality is provided, it could lead to high customer dissatisfaction.
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In this case too, service quality need to be broken down in two main segments; service staff behaviour and physical environment. Moreover, it has been studied that staff behaviour within each other and toward customers, it can significantly make the difference in a positively or negatively customer’s satisfaction.
For instances, customer’s standard expectation, are staff courtesy, attentiveness and awareness of the menu’ products (Sulek & Hensley, 2004). Therefore, being service staff behaviour such a great effect on customer’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction (Katarra, Weheba, & El-Said, 2008), it can be said that the friendliness and personal warmth toward customer may leads to a higher service perception by customers. In fact, according to previous studies conducted by Wall & Berry (2007) a unique restaurant service with a harmonized atmosphere may lead customers to evaluate their restaurant experience to a superior level.
Physical environment then, as supposed from Wall & Berry, play a complement role with customer service in leading to high customer satisfaction and repeat restaurant patronage. Given how crucial atmosphere is, it is also fundamental considering customer perception of atmosphere. According with Sulek & Hensely (2004) customers are more likely to remember the negative aspects of a restaurant atmosphere. For
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