What Are the Main Factors to Influence Overseas Students to Choose Higher Education in the Uk?

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To: Stephen Malone
From: Ceci Leung
Date: 08 February 2010
Subject: Research proposal
Proposed Research Topic: What are the main factors to influence overseas students to choose higher education in the UK?

Significance of the study
As the number of overseas student in the UK’s higher education sector has expended substantially during the last 15 years. The research intends to investigate factors determining overseas student’s decision to apply for a UK university. Understanding these demands and determinants will enable both university policymakers and government to evaluate the potential for expansion overseas market and associated cost implications, thus to improve performance of higher education institutions.

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Research Objective & Questions
The objective of this paper is to uncover the determinants and the preferences of applications by overseas students to UK universities for undergraduate studies in order to expend overseas student market properly. The questionnaires will be carried out into two main categories: classroom-based subjects (including Business Studies) and laboratory-based subjects (including Engineering), by rating (from 1-most important to 17 – least important) the following attractiveness of individual UK universities to overseas applicants. • Tuition fee (including exchange rate fluctuations) • Offer of student loans/bursary/scholarship • Teaching quality • Study hours (reading week/holidays) • University location (Distance to London, considering London is as the economic, social, political and transport hub of the UK) • Student satisfaction • Entry requirements • Graduate employment • The proportion of good degrees awarded (2.1 or first class) • Student/staff ratio • Male/female ratio • Local student/overseas student ratio • The dropout rate • University reputation/history in UK/Europe/World (Overall ranking /word-of-mouth recommendations by students already studying in the UK) • Subject
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