What Are the Problems of Continued Urbanisation? Discuss in Relation to One Area of the World and Evaluate the Possible Solution.

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What are the problems of continued urbanisation?
Discuss in relation to one area of the world and evaluate the possible solution.


Urbanisation is a global problem with various impacts in different fields. “Urbanisation is the transformation of society from rural life to life in towns and cities” McDonald and McMillen (2010, p.8). The United Nations published, that in 1950 there was 2.54 billion of the population which equivalent to 29.1% of the world population was living in cities, but this percentage increased to 48.6% that means 6.5 billion of the world’s population in 2005. This indicates that the number of urban people had doubled about four times from 739 million in 1950 to 3.16 billion in 2005. It is expected to
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93). Unfortunately, as a result of contamination of water and air, the high numbers of death children and diseases are increasing. However, there are some processes that the African governments can take, because it’s primarily responsibilities for their countries to conduct all issues. Bilham-Boult (2001) suggests that, guarantee to use the safety of waste disposal methods, with the imposition of sanctions in the event of violation also encouraging the use of clean technology in the factories also reduce the emissions of factories and cars by developing the public transport, and encourage citizens to use it. As well as, spread the awareness about the issue of the environment and pollution. On other hand, this solution could be criticized because of deficiency of the abilities of the African developing countries, but there are several international organizations could help and support such as these solutions, these criticizes may seem just excuses. Because, if the governments do not cope with this issue seriously. Consequently, they would deal with it as a main priority. Poverty will be the third problem in the next paragraph.
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Finally, in this paragraph, poverty will be discussed as a third problem of continued urbanisation and the development would be the solution then evaluate it to know its pros and cons. So, third way to solve poverty problem could be to
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