What Are the Stages of Herpes Simplex?

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The symptoms can be only managed. The root cause, a virus, remains latent in the body. There are about 25 types of Herpes. The most well known are Herpes Simplex Type I (oral) and Type II (genital).

Although the medical community continues to distinguish the virus by type, researchers have found that both 'types' can manifest orally, as cold sores and/or on the genitals. Therefore, it is more useful to concentrate on the stages of Herpes Simplex, which are basically the same for both types.

Knowing what to expect during each stage of Herpes will allow you to treat the symptoms and protect your sexual partner.

First Stage: Prodome

In medical terminology, a prodome is a prelude to a disease. Because we are all unique, people have different symptoms during the prodome stage. You might demonstrate all the typical symptoms or just some of them. When you learn to recognize your unique symptoms, it will serve as a pre-warning of outbreaks and you can treat them accordingly.

It begins when the body starts shedding the virus. All skin cells in the affected area, either around the mouth or genitals, include the Herpes Virus. Herpes is easily spread to other people during this stage.

Here, the virus activates and travels toward the skin surface where it will produce an outbreak. You may find the affected area swells, itches, tingles and/or reddens. Your genital area may feel tender to touch. You may experience flu-like symptoms. With…
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