What Aspects Of Human Life Remain The Same Across All Three Groups

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2. Based on the data above, what aspects of human life remained the same across all three groups? It 's the gender role and the way they hunt for food. 3. Based on the data above, what key changes took place across all three groups in the following areas: A. Migration - Humans migrated many different places. B. Technology - They used different technology to hunt. C. Society - Humans communicated in different languages to trade. 4. Craft an acceptable thesis statement that addresses both the changes and the continuities across all three groups. When a new generation comes their will be a new way to do things like finding food or communicating or they might be the same. 5. What is the significance of the cave art? The Venus figurines? The art in the cave shows what the humans did in there life and the Venus figurines shows sexual features suggested the paleolithic people fasioned such as figurines out of an interest in fertility. 6. How did the gradual transformation from hunting and gathering to agriculture probably occur? How did it spread? The change came when people first discovered how to cultivate crops and to domesticate animals. This was the most significant single development in human history and it happened within the Stone Age. 7. What were the most significant positive and negative effects of the agricultural transition on human society? The negative is farming was long an labor-intensive and the positive was support of a larger population, abundant food
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