What Beliefs Have Influenced The Classroom Teacher

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What beliefs have influenced the classroom teacher featured in the interview to create this effective learning environment? Sarah is a second grade teacher at Punchbowl Public School. Her classroom is working at meeting outcomes at a high Stage 1 level. Sarah has a class of 26 students and with her beliefs in teaching she creates an effective learning environment for every student. Through her implementation of Classroom management, structure, organisation, essentials for literacy, effective communication and introducing technology she achieves goals she has set in helping her students improve and satisfies herself by seeing the results of her hard work. Sarah’s demonstration about her many beliefs surrounding teaching and learning…show more content…
Her organisation extends beyond the children and their work habits. The setup of the classroom in particular provides detail of her belief in the importance of organisation in the learning environment. For instance, the organisation of students names for maths groups are grouped in shapes that relates directly to the topic. The alphabet above board in the classroom is so that children can see the different sizes they need when they’re writing the letter, like a capital A has to look like a capital A and it’s not bigger than a lower case A (Sarah, 2003). This highlights that the belief in organisation from the teacher and structures including routines develop self-guided learning and increases the students’ motivation for learning as well as self-confidence in their own abilities. (Woolfolk, A., Margetts, K. (2007). Classroom management is important for every teacher and students alike and Sarah makes particular reference to her classroom management strategies that begin with the display of her classroom rules. The rules were discussed with students at the beginning of the year and they ensure a smooth and happy environment for all her students. She also found it important to place a little picture next to it as “when working with ESL kids it’s really important to have visual cues for them because often a lot of writing puts them off and so if they see the visual cue then that’ll prompt them into what the rule is” (Sarah, 2003). Sarah has implemented a
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