What Benefits Come From Having Both Women And Men

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In this case study, what benefits come from having both women and men in the workplace? Representation of the sexes in the decision making process is a benefit of having both men and women in the group. Decisions will be made based on discussions coming from the prospective of males and females of the group. There were female partners within the firm that could have sat on the committee to voice their opinion from a woman’s perspective. Their point of view was crucial because the decision of the committee was a subjective decision of the committee members. The all-male committee decision could appear to be bias. Describe and analyze, in the context of the literature and research, the behavior of the women and men in the workplace depicted in this case study? Be specific giving examples. In this study Attorney Evans seem to be the exception of the women in her age group of the firm. She was willing to put in long hour, go on extended trips and put in the effort to reach the number of billing hours to be considered for full partner. Other women in the firm decided to accept part time partnership’s position with the firm (Parcheta, Kaifi and Khanfar (2013). The part time partner worked less hours and receives less compensation. This is an example of women willing working less hour and receiving less compensation to be able to devote more time to their family. Anne a friend of Attorney Evans took twelves week of leave after having a baby. When she returned she found
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