What Bricks Mean To Me Research Paper

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People that knew me growing up always knew that getting birthday gifts for me was easy. There was only one thing I wanted: Legos. Yes, those tiny plastic bricks that cause an unimaginable amount of pain when you step on them. To most people, they’re a nuisance, but to me they were everything. I spent most of my free time building cities spanning the length of my house. I loved the idea that I could turn a pile of bricks into a city, the necessity for resourcefulness and creativity, and that I, a 6-year-old kid, could counter the universal law of entropy by creating order. From observation, it seems like adults are occupationally inspired by their former, younger selves. For example, my father worked the sewing machine in his uncle’s clothing store as a child, and now he owns his own clothing company. People always ask me, “Why do you want to become an engineer?” It’s a question I don’t have an answer to, because to me, I have always been an engineer.…show more content…
All of a sudden, I heard a loud sound on the floor above me, like fireworks. My brother had decided to practice for his upcoming bowling birthday party, using my Lego city as his pins. Just like that, years of building had vanished. I was kicking and screaming until he said to me, “You have to learn how to change.” He was right, and I did. Over the next few months I built things even more grandiose than I could have imagined, out of the rubble of old ruins. That day, I learned about the bumpy rollercoaster that is change. I learned that if I want to improve, whether it’s my Lego building skills or my current education, change is a
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