What Brings Out The Worst Of Good People?

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What brings out the worst in good people? In 2007, Zimbardo wrote a book called “The Lucifer Effect” which discusses the underlying factors that make good people turn evil (Zimbardo, 2007). The “Lucifer Effect” refers to God’s angel who had fallen, turned against God only to become Satan. The book itself, is Zimbardo’s detailed account of the Stanford Prison Experiment and its importance to the abuses in the Abu Ghraib prison by American soldiers. Zimbardo uses the prison experiment to illustrate the dangers of the situation of turning people evil. Zimbardo reflects on similarities between the Stanford experiment and Abu Ghraib. Before discussing the situational forces, one must understand the history, and the living conditions in the Abu Ghraib prison. The Abu Ghraib prison was the place where Saddam Hussein murdered insurgents on a weekly basis; and prior to that it was an asylum for the mentally ill during the 1960’s (Zimbardo, 2007, p. 332). In 2003 after the United States government seized control of the prison they rebuilt, and renamed it the Baghdad Central Confinement Facility (Zimbardo, 2007, p. 332). The prison itself had no restroom only “man-made” restrooms which were usually holes in the ground. The prison had an odor due to the feces and temperature within the prison. It was hell on earth for majority of the inmates. The facility did not contain a mess hall so the prisoners along with the inmates ate MRE’s which are meals ready to eat (Zimbardo, 2007, p.

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