What Came First

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What Came First?

It is a miracle that any of us are even here. We’re on a giant sphere floating through the Universe and the only thing that keeps us afloat is gravity. Life in itself is complex, though the idea of humanity living in a multiverse sent millions of questions circling through my mind. Creationism versus evolution became child’s play to me. Life’s mystery question isn’t who created us or when, but how and why are we here? Many spiritualists take pride in answering the latter question with, “To grow.”

Whoever created us had a purpose that begun from energy formation. The body heat we currently have didn’t magically appear nor will it go away. The Law of Energy Conservation states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed.
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The initial thought that created life organized energy in the universe into forms. A big bang went off in the darkness. Life was born and before you know it humans evolved. It was, in a way, a sort of harmonic chaos: creation and then destruction and creation again and even more destruction. It makes me wonder, were we created to serve as a balance in the world? A friend told me that Universal laws establish the energetic and spiritual balance in our world. Those twenty laws dictate what does and does not happen to…show more content…
I started reading Looking for Alaska by John Green one summer. Within the book a quote by Simon Bolivar is reiterated several times. Bolivar says, “How will I ever get out of this labyrinth?” This novel made me realize that life has many purposes to it. We all suffer, experience happiness, and even sadness; the cycle is never ending even though emotions are fleeting. Emotions are universal and just like energy, it will always be present. So why, why are we all here if we experience a great magnitude of suffering as well as happiness? Why is balance so prominent in our everyday lives?

Perhaps it wasn’t really a coincidence when my friend recommended that I read Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton during that period of my life. This book changed how I viewed life itself. Souls, our initial energy source, isn’t something we possessed but who we are. We come here to experience a new life in a different form to grow just like many Spiritualists believe. The thing is, why should we grow, why were we initially created and why should life continue? It sounds morbid in truth, but it fascinates me to know the purpose of
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