What Can A Person Do With A Health Science Degree?

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When asked the question, “What can a person do with a health sciences degree?” most people couldn’t answer that question without looking it up. So lets first start with explaining what health science actually is; health science is a wide variety of disciplines, which are determined “through the application of science, engineering, mathematics and technology” (Health Science Careers, 2016) It’s the area of knowledge and science, which is then applied to “practical and clinical practices to maintain and improve the health of living beings” (Health Science Careers, 2016). This paper will go over a multitude of different job options and careers in the health science degree program. It will serve as a mini resource/reference paper for those interested in learning more on the health science program. There are so many options so the paper will have categories and give a brief synapse about each career. The paper will list careers in rehabilitation, personal wellness, medical centered jobs, and public health. The first category will be on rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is the act of returning a person to their original optimum level. We will focus on the detail of a few assortment of jobs in rehabilitation like Cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy/pathology, rehabilitation counselor, and Respiratory therapy. Each of these jobs will all work towards the same goal of restoring a patient to normal, the difference will be in the

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