What Can Be Done to Stop Homelessness in America Essay

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Homelessness is across the world some places are better that other but every place on earth has homeless people. This paragraph is going to be why the issue is important how it affects people and what people and you can do to help. This is an issue that is important to me after this I hope you do something to help the homeless.
This issue is important because there are between 750,000 and 1.3 million people that are homeless and that is just in America and that number is getting bigger due to economic times. People with children are becoming homeless about 36% of homeless people are families most people who are homeless have suffered a different tragedy some are wives fleeing for domestic violence. You might ask who the victims are of
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In my opinoin we should focus on the united states first if we get ourselves up and running we will be a greater force to help others. when I say solve the issue I don’t mean we just give them money I mean we try to get them an education if they learn a field in which the work force need. Setting up schools can also help the childred of these poor people. This is just a dream of mine all those people rising up and could you imaging 100 million extra people making money and the economy.
You can do many things to help homeless people like volunteering at a soup kitchen or just donating some of your old clothes there are also many charities around Kansas. You can be a part of a coat drive I take part in a coat drive at the end of December I would do it earlier but the list is always full and that makes me feel rather good that so many people know people are homeless and they want to do something. There are over 20 homeless shelters in Kansas (Northland Housing). All you have to do is two hours of your time it’s not a lot and it is fun to talk to some of the people.
I do believe we can help the homeless but once again it will not just happen overnight it will take years maybe decades and then we probably won’t be able to help everyone but those thousand you do help over the years it will make a world of a difference. Two hours of your time once a year that’s all you would have to give and two hours for 100 seems like a good deal to me. Homelessness is
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