What Can Carers And Care Work A Positive Experience?

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What can carers and care workers do to help make transitions in care a positive experience? Regular transitions occur in health and social care and can be either voluntary or planned. Oxford dictionaries (2015) defines transition as 'The process or period of changing from one state or condition to another '. This essay looks at what carers and care workers can do to help make transitions in care a more positive experience. By looking at case studies, and example of care centres that have excelled in getting things right, carers and care workers can analyse ways of making transitions in care a more positive experience. Transition brings about change, for example, changes in relationships and individuality, and can develop by either…show more content…
The loss of control experienced by Ann may have had an impact on the time it took to progress through the stages. Involving Ann in the decision making, discussing options and offering continuity of care would help make the transition from her home environment easier. The home environment is more that just a physical environment. Peace (2015) groups the home into three categories, the physical environment, the social environment and the psychological environment. These three elements contribute to a person 's individuality, identity and emotional attachment. In contrast, the home can also be a negative and disabling environment. Consequently, it is these emotional attachments that get interrupted in transition. Personal possessions can have great meaning and by using these emotional attachments in a new setting, carers and care worker can help make the transition to a new environment a more positive experience. Environmental factors can have a positive effect on health and well-being, planning for life 's transitions is sometimes possible. Designing care settings and centres for this purpose, Maggie Keswick designed for the transition between hospital and home for people suffering from terminal cancer. The centres prepare people for their transition between life and death. Designed to be a positive, uplifting physical environment offering practical, emotional and social support, the centres offer a place of great psychological
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