What Can Go Wrong?

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4.1) what can go wrong?
A) Due to system failure the drones may collapse in public area which leads to death of the people. By using drones there are many advantages at the same time it has many disadvantages. 2) What are possible causes and consequences?
A) 1. These drones should be operated with a certified pilots otherwise leads to accidents.
2. When a drone moves from our eye sight it becomes difficult to the operator and may lose control of the drone.
3. The drones should not be operated during nights because of poor light conditions may lead to accidents.
4. The drones should be operated by certified drivers and the government should have every record of them because some people may misuse them.
5. Some people use drones to
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These drones should be operated far away from public places.
6) What could be potential effects beyond this particular time?
A) These effects could be positive or negative. When it comes to positive effects with a fully developed drones are used in the war fare these avoids in putting a human life in risk. These can capture enemy sights. These drones can be used in saving human lives. Q5) Imagine yourself as a Health Safety Officer in your organization. Please describe briefly how you will manage risk of spread of meningitis in the workplace. Please choose one framework (Haimes or Conrow) as a guide.
A).The health safety officer’s main aim is to prevent accidents, injuries and work related illness in the work place. If I am a health safety officer I would create and implement health and safety policies in undertaking regular inspections and risk assessments, and ensuring that any hazards or defects are rectified immediately.
By considering conrow’s article and his framework to manage risk of spread of meningitis,
Risk planning: In this when I notice a patient with meningitis first I pan myself and come with strategies and methods so that i could be able to identify what type of virus he is suffering with and what kind of treatment have to be followed.
Risk assessment: This is the process where I have to identify and analyse the type of bacteria he has, for that I will collect blood samples and send those to laboratory. After
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