What Can Happen? And How They Are Completely Different?

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and what can happen and all that, and he also read many books because he couldn 't do anything else in his house. For my assistance most of my friends, as well as family encouraged me to do cheer because they thought it would be something that would be good for me to do. It was funny though because a lot of people could not believe that I actually wanted to do cheer. Both of our assistances are similar as well because people helped us and explained things that we needed to know. Now, I am going to explain both of our crisis’ and how they are completely different.
Luke 's crisis was when he ran as fast as he could to Jens house, and how he almost got caught when he went to her house because the alarms were going off. Like I had said before, I had a pretty major crisis. I had messed up the tryout dance that my coach had made up and I was freaking out. I thought I wasn 't going to make the team and that really would have sucked because I was really interested in trying out. As you can see, Luke and have a few similarities, but we are pretty different as well.
The first stage of the Allegory of the Cave is prisoner. Luke was treated like a “prisoner” because he always had to be in his attic where nobody can see him. He could not let himself get seen because he wasn 't aloud and his family would be in big trouble, so that is why he had to always stay in their attic. He was not even aloud to go in the kitchen because there was too many windows and his dad didn 't want to chance…
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