What Can I Do For You?

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Major Wakowski found Dr. Bonsary sitting at his desk inside his office in Engineering, “Hey doc, you have a moment?” Major Wakowski said. “Sure, c’mon in.” Dr. Bonsary stated. “Would you call me Harry, we’re going to be on board this ship for a long time and calling me doc or doctor seems a bit formal.” “Sure no problem Harry. As long as you call me Steve.” “What can I do for you?” “Elle is reporting that the FTL drive has been tampered with.” Harry stared at Steve for a moment, “Elle, have the FTL drives been tampered with?” “Affirmative.” “Elle, please describe the problems with the drives?” “FTL warp drive propulsion for factor three and four have been disabled.” “Elle, how have they been disabled?” “The White Couplers have been disconnected.” “What are the White Couplers?” Steve asked Harry. “They’re named after the NASA engineer Harold White that designed the first FTL warp drive. They allow the smooth transition between FTL warp three to four. They’re very difficult to get at, it may even be impossible while in space, we would either have to return to Area Eagle or perhaps the international space station to fix it. If we’re in deep space it wouldn’t be a good thing.” “So you can’t fix it here?” Steve asked.” “I will certainly try, it will be a good experience, but to be honest I just don’t know. If you could send Erik and Danny to help I’d appreciate it. The good news is that we aren’t using the FTL drives now.” “Will do, let me report back to…
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