What Can Teachers Can Improve Student Engatude?

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Chapter Two Literature Review Research Question 1. 1. What can teachers do to motivate/ encourage students’ positive work attitude? It is very important that teachers that understand that students’ attitude towards work mostly depends on you the teacher. Most research on encouraging students work attitude has been done at the primary and junior high levels. Research also focused on improving students’ work attitude in terms of their study habits, special skills, level of commitment and engagement towards theirs goals. These are aspects I will targeting throughout my investigation. Karl McDonald (2013) in his article entitled “5 Best Ways Teachers can Improve Student Engagement” believes that in order to improve students’ work attitude, teachers must provide students with a sense of shared responsibility, basically reassuring students that the teacher is equally responsible for their learning as they are. There have been many cases where students have felt like their teachers are not interested in providing them with assistance outside of…show more content…
Teachers must reduce what is sometimes referred to as “the teacher’s talk time” in order to have more collaborative forms of learning that are more geared towards encouraging students to do their work. On the other hand, Boyton and Boyton (2005) in their article entitled “ Developing Positive Student Teacher Relations” stated that the absolute best way to go about relaying positive work attitude expectations is to simply communicate with students directly, constantly reassure students that they are more than capable doing their well. As the teacher, one has very strong influence on their class therefore when told they manage difficult tasks and improve their behaviour. Students will always work diligently and display their best behaviour to impress their teacher once he/she has confidence in

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